August 06, 2007

Yolly Samson / Yolly Samson Is Cinderella Vintage LP

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Totoy Time Machine said...

Bigla ko lang na-alala yung spoof dati sa kanta ng Cinderella na "Bato sa Buhangin".

"Kapag ang s*so'y natutong ang ut*ng..."

Yun lang, sige, balik na ulit sa trabaho!

cheh said...

Hello Nostalgia Manila, I just tagged you I really hope you'll join us:)

Felmar Rowell said...

As I am writing this letter, I am listening to Cinderella's signature song, "Bato Sa Buhangin" ("Pebble In The Sand") through YouTube. And as I read all the comments before me, the song is also on repeat on YouTube. And as I read, listened, and wrote this, I cried, tears just fell from my eyes.

It is because Cinderella and Yolly Samson are two of my favourite Filipino bands and artists, ever. I so love their music, I bought their OPM album when I was in College in UP Diliman. I love their songs, especially "Bato Sa Buhangin" and "Ang Pag Ibig Mo" and "Pag Ibig Ko Sa 'Yo'y Ibang Iba".

This is the first time that I have encountered this site, because I just had this urge to know more about Cinderella and Yolly Samson after listening over and over again to "Bato Sa Buhangin" on YouTube. And after reading that she passed away through cancer at such an early age of 41, and as a salon owner and manager, I just cried.

Is this how we, Filipinos, treat the golden voices and talents of our society? How can we ever do this to the voices and talents like Cinderella and Yolly Samson and others who have enriched our lives because of their voice, music, songs, and talents?

I cried in pain, because these ought not to be. Yolly Samson died with out even any acknowledgement from the artistic and cultural centres of our nation for her contributions to music and to our consciousness. This is tragic, because Cinderella's music and Yolly Samson's voice is so equal in beauty and range to the international singers and artists.

She died in quiet obscurity, forgotten by the Filipino masses, which she enriched until now by her music, her voice, and her talent. There must be a posthumous recognition of her achievements. We do not even know her biography, when and where she was born. How can we do this to our own artists? We know so much about Michael Jackson and others, but our own talents we spurn and forget.

I am proud to be a Filipino, and I am proud of our music, and I am proud of Cinderella's and Yolly Samson's music as some of the best in the entire world. I have posted their "Bato Sa Buhangin" in my web pages in the Inter Net, because I am proud of our Filipino talents, and I want the international community to realise what great music we had — and have — here in our midst.

Like Karen Carpenter who died so early, Yolly Samson is now in heaven, there continuing to make beautiful music. And there and then, we will meet her again, and hear her sing for us again, not now in pain and ending, but in eternal companionship and joy. As Yolly tells us in her band, Cinderella's, song "Bato Sa Buhangin", "Sa langit, may tagpuan din, at doon hi hintayin"...

We will meet you again, Yolly, there in heaven...

Anonymous said...

i love her sweet..

Anonymous said...

sa paghahanap ko ng kahit anong featured article about yolly samson, nadiscover ko ang site na ito. And i'm so glad to know na meron pala syang facebook account kasi pwede ko nang maipaabot sa kanya kung gaano ko sya hinahangaan. nakakalungkot lang na dito ko rin malalaman that she passed away already. nakakahiyang isipin na sobra ang paghanga ko sa kanya and yet... i knew nothing about her. tinamaan talaga ako sa mga sinabi ni Felmar. I just hope that it's never to late to let her know na sya ang "Superstar ng Buhay Ko" For me she's one if not the most beautiful voice ever sa music industry natin. Someday, pagnagkita kami sa langit hihilingin kong awitan nya ako.

Anonymous said...

When I was in my teen then, Cinderella as we knew her was so popular. I fell in love with her. Yolly, this is the only chance I could tell you, I love you.

Anonymous said...

Hi,good evening and a blessed night sa lahat ng mga makakabasa ng message ko na'to.

How I wished na I was born sa panahong ito. I'm a DJ in the island of Boracay, I play music sa mga listeners namin.Nanghihinayang lang ako sa mga kantang katulad ng kay madam Yolly. Ni isa wala akong makitang MTV ng mga kanta niya.I love her voice at ang grupo nila.

Anonymous said...

How I wished may makapag provide pa ng MTV ng mga kanta ni Yolly.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how her family is right now. Sayang she has a nice voice pa naman and she died too young.

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace Ms Yolly, Thank you for connecting me to my filipino heritage in the 70's. Can someone please help me, I have been searching for a song by Ms Yolly and The rest of Cinderella I believe the title is "Little Wonderland of Dreams" I cannot find it anywhere.......thank you!! At maraming salamat

Anonymous said...

Yolly Samson's voice: eto ung totoong singer na di na kailangan pang sumigaw para pagandahin ung kanta...

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